2014 Co-Sponsor Recruitment, Keeping All Students Safe Act

How to Prepare for Your Hill Visit?

These two tools are to help you prepare for your visits. Depending on who you’re visiting, it matters how you present this issue.

Issue brief explaining the provisions of HR 1893 and S 2036, with contact information for offices interested in co-sponsorship:

What to Take on Your Hill Visit?

Click here to access and download the Office of Civil Rights Data Collection report on use of restraint and seclusion. This data is powerful to share during office visits. Point out the number of students with disabilities and the number of students of color subjected to restraint and seclusion compared to their peers. Congressional offices will also be interested in the use of restraint and seclusion in their states.

Congressional offices want to know what the House and Senate bills will do for state residents. It’s important to have a fact sheet that explains what kinds of protections already exist in your state. You can find that here:

Support letters demonstrate the breadth of support for both bills:

What to Do After Your Hill Visit?

  • Send a thank you letter
  • Fill out and submit your visit report to info@tash.org
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