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Whether you’re a parent of a child in school, an educator looking for support and resources, or simply someone who believes all children should be safe in school, we’re looking for others who recognize the importance of this issue. Here’s how you can make a difference.

Learn about Restraint and Seclusion

Knowledge_BookThe most effective advocacy tool is knowledge. We’ve collected the leading resource material right here on this site. So poke around and familiarize yourself with the human rights, legal, business and other perspectives of this issue. Then take a moment to watch Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories, a powerful new documentary that provides first-hand accounts of restraint and seclusion abuses.

Join the Campaign

Join_HandTake a stand! By joining the Stop Hurting Kids campaign you’re staking a claim in the movement to ensure students are safe in school. We’ll keep you informed on how the campaign is progressing, what you can do to help spread the word, and new information, resources and stories that pop-up on this website. By joining the campaign, you’ll also send a message straight to Congress as we collect sign-ons to show the groundswell of support to end abusive practices in schools. Join the campaign now!

Contact Congress

Contact-Congress_CapitolWe’ve made it easy to tell your member of Congress that you support federal legislation to protect students from restraint and seclusion abuse. Stop Hurting Kids has integrated a quick and easy online tool to send your message directly to your congressperson. Just take a minute to complete a brief response form, and your voice will be heard! Contact Congress.

Share Your Story

Tell-Story_BubbleHave you or a loved one had first-hand experience with restraint or seclusion? Personal stories are a compelling way to bring people closer to the issue. Consider sharing your story so that others may learn and understand the impact of restraint and seclusion on the lives of those subjected to it, their loved ones and others in their community. We’ll feature stories on this site, and can honor any request for anonymity. Share your story here.

Get Social

Social_Facebook_TwitterYou can make a difference by helping us spread the word about the Stop Hurting Kids campaign! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and encourage your friends, colleagues and communities to learn more, join the campaign and end restraint and seclusion abuse in schools!

Want to help in another way? Just contact us to let us know how you’d like to contribute to the Stop Hurting Kids campaign!

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