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On February 12, 2015 Representative Donald Beyer (D-VA) introduced the Keeping All Students Safe Act (HR 927), a critical piece of legislation that would ensure a standard of protection against abusive practices in schools. We need your help in moving this bill forward. Please act now and encourage your district’s Representative to co-sponsor the Keeping All Students Safe Act.

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We’re reaching out to members of the U.S. House of Representatives to support HR 927 – known as the Keeping All Students Safe Act.

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Restraint and seclusion are dangerous practices, and rather than making schools safer, they increase workers compensation claims, frighten children who witness their use, and are used disproportionately on the youngest children, and often those with disabilities and of racial and ethnic minorities. Safe, evidence-based alternatives are readily available and are far more effective, such as Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. I support HR 927 and the floor of protection it provides students limiting the unnecessary and abusive use of restraint and seclusion. Please support the Keeping All Students Safe Act (HR 927) by co-sponsoring this bill. Visit for more information.

If you or a loved one has been affected by restraint and/or seclusion, please include a mention of your experience in your note to Congress. As we’ve noted already, personal stories are incredibly compelling. Try to keep comments brief and on point.

For maximum impact of your message, avoid harsh language, personal attacks or otherwise rude or profane comments.

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