The Campaign

Stop Hurting Kids is the national campaign to end restraint and seclusion abuse in schools. It was developed to combat abusive practices that can lead to physical injury, trauma and death. For too long students across the U.S. have been at risk of restraint and seclusion techniques that have been proven to hold no educational or therapeutic value, despite evidence-based, positive alternatives.

All students are entitled to a safe place to learn and grow, and parents and educators should be equipped with the information, tools and resources needed to support students in a positive and meaningful way. The Stop Hurting Kids campaign seeks to spark a public dialogue about restraint and seclusion in schools, elevate the grassroots movement that has called for the end of these practices for years, and gain support for the adoption of practices and policies that maintain a learning environment free from the threat of these abuses.

Stop Hurting Kids was developed through the combined efforts of advocacy, disability, social justice and mental health organizations. You can find a complete list here. These organizations are united in their resolve to eliminate restraint and seclusion abuse in schools, and in bringing greater awareness to this issue through a national advocacy campaign.

We encourage you to explore the resources available on this website. You can read an introduction to the issue of restraint and seclusion here, watch the new documentary, Restraint and Seclusion: Our Stories Heard, and hear and read first-hand accounts of the impact of these practices. We’ve also collected a growing number of resources that provide an in-depth view of restraint and seclusion from multiple perspectives – human rights, legal, business and more.

Once you’ve become familiar with this issue, we urge you to join the campaign and take action to ensure the end of restraint and seclusion abuse in schools. 


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